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Electro, House and Techno Synth Bass 002

Boost your House, Techno and Electro tracks with these five synthesizer bass to download for free. basssynth006 basssynth007 basssynth008 basssynth009 basssynth010

Hard Bassdrums 002

Do you need Fat and Furious Bass drums especially produced for Hardcore, Hard-Techno and Drum’n’Bass tracks ? Download fro FREE and abuse of these 10 great Hard Bassdrums. bassdrumhard011 bassdrumhard012 bassdrumhard013 bassdrumhard014 bassdrumhard015 bassdrumhard016 bassdrumhard017 bassdrumhard018 bassdrumhard019

Techno Beats and Drumloops 003

Build your Techno and Electro Tracks with these 5 techno beats to download for FREE. drumloop-techno011 drumloop-techno012 drumloop-techno013 drumloop-techno014 drumloop-techno015

Short Acid Keyboard Samples 002

If you just need a basic Acidic Sound, these samples are for you. FREE Download. synthacid006 synthacid007 synthacid008 synthacid009 synthacid010

Hip-Hop Music Gimmick Loops 004

Are you in lack of inspiration for your next Hip-Hop and Rap Instrumental? Start your tracks with these 5 Music Gimmicks to download for FREE ! MUSLOOP_100BPM_001 MUSLOOP_100BPM_002 MUSLOOP_100BPM_003 MUSLOOP_100BPM_004 MUSLOOP_100BPM_005

Jazz Guitar Loops 001

Use these 5 Jazz guitar loops in any hip-hop, house or funky productions. Samples made on a Gibson ES 175. GIB175_JAZZ_001 GIB175_JAZZ_002 GIB175_JAZZ_003 GIB175_JAZZ_004 GIB175_JAZZ_005