Bass Archive

Electro, House and Techno Synth Bass 002

Boost your House, Techno and Electro tracks with these five synthesizer bass to download for free. basssynth006 basssynth007 basssynth008 basssynth009 basssynth010

Sub & Low Bass 001

Download for FREE these five sub bass and low bass. Any style can use them. basssub001 basssub002 basssub003 basssub004 basssub005

Synths Bass 001

Download for FREE these 5 analog synthesizers Bass. basssynth001 basssynth002 basssynth003 basssynth004 basssynth005

Real and Analog Bass Samples 001

Five great bass samples from realistic to analog. bassreal001 bassreal002 bassreal003 bassreal004 bassreal005

Hard and Dirty Bass 001

Produce great Hard and Noisy Tracks with these five hard bass Wav Samples basshard001 basshard002 basshard003 basshard004 basshard005

Acid Bass 001

5 great Acid Bass (.wav) for your techno and trance productions. Psychedelic… bassacid001 bassacid002 bassacid003 bassacid004 bassacid005