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Techno & Hard-Techno Beats 002

Five Techno and Hard Techno beats and Drumloops to download for FREE. hardloops_drumloops_140_01 hardloops_drumloops_140_02 hardloops_drumloops_140_03 hardloops_drumloops_140_04 hardloops_drumloops_140_05

Hardcore beats 200 bpm 006

You love hardcore, gabber, makina or hard-techno. These 5 beats are for you but take care, it’s fast and furious at 200bpm !! hardloops_drumloops_200_01 hardloops_drumloops_200_02 hardloops_drumloops_200_03 hardloops_drumloops_200_04 hardloops_drumloops_200_05