Hard Bass Drums Archive

Hard Bassdrums 002

Do you need Fat and Furious Bass drums especially produced for Hardcore, Hard-Techno and Drum’n’Bass tracks ? Download fro FREE and abuse of these 10 great Hard Bassdrums. bassdrumhard011 bassdrumhard012 bassdrumhard013 bassdrumhard014 bassdrumhard015 bassdrumhard016 bassdrumhard017 bassdrumhard018 bassdrumhard019

Hard Bass Drums 001

You produce Hardcore, Hard-Techno, Hard-House, Industrial, Gabber, Makina and all kind of Agressive Beats. Download for FREE these 10 Hard Bassdrums. bassdrumhard001 bassdrumhard002 bassdrumhard003 bassdrumhard004 bassdrumhard005 bassdrumhard006 bassdrumhard007 bassdrumhard008 bassdrumhard009 bassdrumhard010