Guitars Archive

Jazz Guitar Loops 001

Use these 5 Jazz guitar loops in any hip-hop, house or funky productions. Samples made on a Gibson ES 175. GIB175_JAZZ_001 GIB175_JAZZ_002 GIB175_JAZZ_003 GIB175_JAZZ_004 GIB175_JAZZ_005

Rock Guitar Loops 001

Dirty and Distorted Gibson Les Paul Loops for all your rock and electro-rock productions. LESPAUL_ROCK_01 LESPAUL_ROCK_02 LESPAUL_ROCK_03 LESPAUL_ROCK_04 LESPAUL_ROCK_05

Pop Guitar Loops 001

Five Pop Guitar Loops to download for Free. Made on a 12 strings Rickenbacker Guitar. RICK_POP_01 RICK_POP_02 RICK_POP_03 RICK_POP_04 RICK_POP_05

Hard-Rock and Metal Guitars 001

You need Violent guitar riffs or aggressive leads ? Download these 5 FREE Hard-Rock and Metal Guitar Loops! METAL_004 METAL_005 METAL_006 METAL_007 METAL_008

Funky and Disco Guitar Loops 001

Like Daft Punk with Nile Rodgers in the track “Get Lucky”, never hesitate to add Funky Guitars in your tracks. It’s so Groovy. FUNKY_SOUL_001 FUNKY_SOUL_002 FUNKY_SOUL_003 FUNKY_SOUL_004 FUNKY_SOUL_005

Folk Guitar Loops

Use these Folk guitar loops in your movie productions or be imaginative FOLK_001 FOLK_002 FOLK_003 FOLK_004 FOLK_005