HH Bass Loops Archive

Hip-Hop Bass Loops 95bpm 003

Scary and Powerful Bass Loops easy to use in downtempo beats. 95 bpm !! BASSLOOP_095BPM_001 BASSLOOP_095BPM_002 BASSLOOP_095BPM_003 BASSLOOP_095BPM_004 BASSLOOP_095BPM_005

Hip-Hop and Rap Bass Loops 002

Download for FREE these five bass loops in 90 bpm, great for Trip-hop, Hip-hop, Rap or Downtempo. BASSLOOP_090BPM_001 BASSLOOP_090BPM_002 BASSLOOP_090BPM_003 BASSLOOP_090BPM_004 BASSLOOP_090BPM_005

Hip-Hop Bass Loops 001

5 Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop or Down-tempo Bass Loops in 85 bpm. BASSLOOP_085BPM_001 BASSLOOP_085BPM_002 BASSLOOP_085BPM_003 BASSLOOP_085BPM_004 BASSLOOP_085BPM_005