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Hip-Hop Music Gimmick Loops 004

Are you in lack of inspiration for your next Hip-Hop and Rap Instrumental? Start your tracks with these 5 Music Gimmicks to download for FREE ! MUSLOOP_100BPM_001 MUSLOOP_100BPM_002 MUSLOOP_100BPM_003 MUSLOOP_100BPM_004 MUSLOOP_100BPM_005

Hip-Hop Music Loops 002 in 90bpm

Download these 5 hip-hop instruments loops in 90 bpm to build your rap instrumentals. MUSLOOP_090BPM_001 MUSLOOP_090BPM_002 MUSLOOP_090BPM_003 MUSLOOP_090BPM_004 MUSLOOP_090BPM_005

Hip-Hop Music Loops 001

Add these strange or amazing Hip-Hop Music Loops to your mixes or your productions. MUSLOOP_085BPM_001 MUSLOOP_085BPM_002 MUSLOOP_085BPM_003 MUSLOOP_085BPM_004 MUSLOOP_085BPM_005