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Short Acid Keyboard Samples 002

If you just need a basic Acidic Sound, these samples are for you. FREE Download. synthacid006 synthacid007 synthacid008 synthacid009 synthacid010

Keyboards Chords and Pads 001

Download for FREE these 5 keyboards pads chords. Great for Deep House, Soundtracks and Trance. synthchord001 synthchord002 synthchord003 synthchord004 synthchord005

Acid and Analog Synths Leads 001

If you produce Acid House, Trance or Hard-Techno, no doubt that you’ll enjoy these five acidic and analog lead synths samples to download for FREE. synthacid001 synthacid002 synthacid003 synthacid004 synthacid005

Synths Pads and Samples 001

Download these five easy to use synths pads and samples for FREE. synthpad001 synthpad002 synthpad003 synthpad004 synthpad005

Lead Synthesizers Samples 001

Download weird or strange lead synthesizer samples. Trans, Techno, House, any styles… synthsolo001 synthsolo002 synthsolo003 synthsolo004 synthsolo005

Synthetic and Analog Bass 001

Enjoy these 5 synthesizers bass samples. Great for Acid, techno, trance and all kind of electronic music productions. synthbasse001 synthbasse002 synthbasse003 synthbasse004 synthbasse005