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Orchestra, Movie and Scary Strings 001

You like them in scary or suspenses movies. You love them in House Music and Soulful tracks. Download fro FREE this package of 4 strings samples !! strings001 strings002 strings003 strings004

Industrial Samples and Metallic sounds 003

5 short industrial samples and Metal sounds. Mainly for beats and drum kits. indus011 indus012 indus013 indus014 indus015

Industrial and Metallic Samples 002

Five industrial and metallic individual samples to download. Great for Hardcore, Hard-Techno and Movie Soundtracks. indus006 indus007 indus008 indus009 indus010

Orchestra and Horn Stabs 001

Stabs are very often the secret of the energy of Hip-hop and Groove productions. These short Orchestra and Horns samples boost your tracks. Use them ! stab001 stab002 stab003 stab004 stab005

Industrial & Metallic Samples

Discover these five industrial samples. Great for hard-Techno, Hardcore or Movie Soundtracks indus001 indus002 indus003 indus004 indus005